- March 13, 2021

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection

Independent Vehicle inspections

pre-purchase vehicle inspection involves an experienced engineer taking a look at the used car you want to buy. They’ll conduct a thorough and entirely independent review of the vehicle’s condition from the Garage or Vehicle Seller

We give give you a report of the car’s history and condition. So we offer a really detailed buyers report, including MOT history and tons more information.

Our Fees Start from £89 Plus VAT. For a basic package though to £229 Plus VAT for the Advance package. Car inspections aren’t cheap. But can save you Money and Time.. 

you’ll get a look-over of the exterior and interior as well as an examination of the vehicle’s mechanics. That includes a look at the engine, electrics, front and rear suspension, steering, transmission and the clutch among other parts. The inspector will conduct a road test. for an additional fee, on our Basic package you will be getting a fully comprehensive HPI report.

Car inspection pros

  • confidence in your mechanical knowledge of the inspector, Having an independent expert to look over your car will give you a peace of mind. 
  • With our car inspections we will conduct a road test. Giving you a peace of mind that the car has been driven and tested.

The Main Features of A vehicle inspection

  • A good mechanical check of major areas
  • A Structural check of major areas
  • Full underbody check
  • Road-test (up to 5 miles)
  • Condition report from the engineer and Photos

Where we carry out inspections

We can carry out Pre purchase car inspection at a car sales site, private sellers home or work place. Our Engineers only carry suitable equipment to carry out our  vehicle inspection at the roadside

A  BBC rogue traders investigation has highlighted the importance of a comprehensive inspection. A number of vehicles were shown to have passed through respected main dealer mechanical workshops with heavy previous accident damage missed.