- October 27, 2020

Car Transport Service covering the UK

car Transport Service

Best Transport Service for cars

At Car Delivery London our car transport service is our core business. We have many years of experience in the Industry. We ensure you get a cost-effective service

The Aim of our business is to provide you with a very competitive quote for your Car collection and Delivery.

The big advantage of using us is you save on your costs. Sites like shiply charge you a fee for putting you in touch with the companies

We can work around your needs and budget. We can schedule a flexible delivery of your car or van at a later date If needed.

our vehicle movement planning is done to help you find the best cost-effective solution and help you save money.

Our Vehicle Transport service covers the whole of the united kingdom

We have provided a car delivery service to some big well know companies Including www.flippingcars.co.uk

You have 2 different types of car collection and delivery.

One method car is driven on Trade plates- If the car is driven on Trade Plates the car must have a valid MOT. and Be Roadworthy. This means the car is driven to you. The advantage of this is it can save you a lot of money.

The other form of our car transport service is the vehicle is transported to yourself. Having the Car transported means you have no extra mileage on the vehicle. The disadvantage is it cost you more.

A lot of car dealers who we work with like to have the car driven to the Garage. This way we can provide them with information on how the vehicle drives.

How Much To Transport A Car 200 miles

The cost of transporting a car 200 miles works out at £200 plus VAT for driven on Trade plates and £300 plus VAT for on a single car Transporter